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Efficient & intuitive
investor onboarding

Close your next fund faster and grow AUM with our seamless onboarding experience and compliance solution accepted by the world's largest banks.
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Intuitive Investor Onboarding Flow

Guided user-friendly interface to maximize conversion rates and reduce drop off
Onboarding flow tailored to your needs and brand
Intelligent data collection to gather everything you need the first time and reduce unnecessary back-and-forth
White-glove support to ensure your new investors onboard with ease

Investor Profiles

Everything you need to onboard new institutional and individual investors quickly, with confidence.
  • Onboard individuals, funds, or trusts
  • Individual Know-Your-Customer (KYC)
  • 506(c) accreditation letter issuance
  • Public-private records matching
  • Identity document verification
  • Global PEP, OFAC, AML, & sanctions screening


capital raised by Parallel Markets partners


reduction in time to onboard new investors
506(c) Safe Harbor

Accreditation Verification

506(c) accreditation verifications for individuals and businesses with letters issued in one business day or less directly from Parallel Markets. Transparent application status makes the process clear from start to finish.
Streamline Operations

Unified Case Management

Enable compliance and operations team productivity by streamlining back-office processes and approvals. Our intuitive dashboard equips you with the tools you need to efficiently review flags and approve new investors, making your workflow seamless and hassle-free.

The cost of not using Parallel is opportunity cost. There is just no way we could have handled the volume that came through without Parallel.

Director of Global New Business
24/7 AML Monitoring

Perpetual Risk Monitoring

24/7 continuous monitoring against 10,000+ data sources to ensure AML compliance
Instant PEP, OFAC, and sanctions updates & alerts
Access to proprietary fraud prevention network
Integrate Seamlessly

Easy Integration & Interoperability

Seamless integration with your existing website and back-office systems. Our flexible APIs and adaptable architecture empower you to customize your workflow, ensuring a tailored fit for your unique business needs.

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