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Required checks for 506(c) offerings made simple

Streamlined Onboarding

Onboarding new clients doesn’t have to be painful. Let Parallel handle your accreditation checks for 506(c) offerings and cut your onboarding times by more than 90%. Then review all of your investor accreditation statuses in your personalized admin dashboard. With Parallel, you can reduce your internal compliance costs by up to 60%.

No-Code Setup
Integrate Parallel into your own site with a single line of code, or let us create a custom landing page for you. No custom development necessary!
API Integration
If you have engineering resources, you can connect directly to our API and extract validated data to your systems.
Admin Dashboard
Track all of your investors in our admin dashboard. Accreditation statuses and other data is available for you to review at any time.

Better Flows, Better Completion

Reduce drop-off rates
Significantly decrease onboarding time
Prevent missing / incorrect data

Easy Data Access

Access your investors' data on our admin dashboard or via our simple API. You'll be able to see what data has been validated and review your investors' current status.
Our automated notifications ensure your client data is always up to date, including updated accreditation status and 24/7 AML and OFAC watchlist monitoring.