About Us

Parallel Markets is revolutionizing the way financial institutions manage customer data. At the heart of our service is a robust digital identity network, designed to navigate the complexities of today’s financial landscape. Our solutions integrate seamlessly into existing systems, simplifying compliance processes like KYC and AML, and enhancing customer onboarding experiences.

We are committed to providing top-tier digital identity solutions for banks, investment funds, and financial entities. Our approach combines compliance rigor with innovative technology, ensuring our clients can manage complex data efficiently while maintaining high standards of client service. Parallel Markets empowers financial institutions to excel in regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction.

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Leadership Team

Tony Peccatiello

Co-Founder & CEO

Tony brings together deep knowledge and experience from three worlds: finance, tech, and VC — most recently as a principal at Social Starts.

Nicholas Goss

Co-Founder & COO

Nick previously worked as an IPO lawyer at Latham & Watkins LLP before moving over to Credit Suisse to sit on their investment banking team.

Brian Muller

Co-Founder & CTO

Brian is an entrepreneur who has founded and run engineering, data science, and product teams in multiple industries — including e-commerce, media, and energy.

Suzanne Elovic

President & Head of Partnerships

Suzanne has extensive experience across the financial services industry, from Wall Street to Silicon Valley to FINRA. She was most recently the CCO of Carta.