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All your complex entity data in one place

Entity Data Manager (EDM) modernizes customer data management for corporate & institutional banks—accelerating CDD, elevating customer experiences, and harmonizing data silos that slow you down
Enable Digital Experiences
Exceptional customer experience is a strategic differentiator for challenger banks, and that starts with good customer data management.
Reduce Regulatory Risk
Poor data quality conceals risks. By filling gaps and connecting dots, we turn hidden dangers into visible assets.
Increase Back Office Efficiency
Make the most of your current customer data. Eliminate redundant customer inquires by not asking for information you already have.
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How It Works

Optimized to help map the organization and ownership structure of your most valuable, complex, and high-risk clients

Data Collection & Integration

Build, clean, and store your customers complex entity relationships graphs using data you already have.

Data Enrichment, Refresh & Management

A unified view of your customer that is always up to date. Resolve, enrich & refresh with integrated data sources.

Data Analysis

Resolve simple CDD cases fast or conduct complex investigations with powerful forensics tools.

Data Activation

Connect with existing systems to reduce redundant work and keep disparate groups synchronized.
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