About Us

The Parallel Markets Mission

Private assets are notoriously hard to buy and sell. Even within the limited ecosystem of investors holding the same assets, transactions are expensive, slow, lack transparency, and are riddled with intermediaries.

At Parallel Markets we believe that software can fix this. Our service provides an easy interface for companies to view holdings, transmit important updates, and engage in a process to buy or sell shares in a regulatorily compliant way.

Leadership Team

Tony Peccatiello
Co-Founder & CEO
Tony brings together deep knowledge and experience from three worlds: finance, tech, and VC — most recently as a principal at Social Starts.
Nicholas Goss
Co-Founder & COO
Nick previously worked as an IPO lawyer at Latham & Watkins LLP before moving over to Credit Suisse to sit on their investment banking team.
Brian Muller
Co-Founder & CTO
Entrepreneur who has founded and run engineering, data science, and product teams in multiple industries - including e-commerce, media, and energy.
Richard McBeath
Marketing exec specializing in Fintech products and services. Built and led teams with leading brands in alternative assets space.
Dan Sutera
Co-Founder & CPO
Serial entrepreneur who has been involved with founding & running product at eight companies including Sharefile, Futurism, and Yext ($1B+ IPO).
Michael Clark
Co-Founder & Exec Chair
Previously ran GHC housing, one of largest affordable housing companies in the U.S. with over 700 employees and $2B assets under management.
Artem Kay
Director of Software Engineering
Art has build massively scalable systems in the IoT, publishing, and financial spaces - more recently as the CTO of a cloud computing platform.


Andrea Walne
Partner, Manhattan Venture Partners
Private Liquidity Advisor
Andrea is a partner at Manhattan Venture Partners. Previously, she co-founded Forge Global, led the Liquidity Solutions team at Carta, and was the West Coast director for NASDAQ Private Markets.
Jessica Nagle
Founder, SNL Financial
Securities Advisor
Jessica founded and built SNL into a premiere financial information provider with over 3,000 employees worldwide. After running it for 25 years, she oversaw its sale to McGraw Hill for $2.3 billion.
Alex Klokus
Founder, Futurism
Media Advisor
Alex founded Futurism and has grown it into a media powerhouse at over 25 million readers monthly across all platforms. Futurism has deep relationships across the tech and crypto sectors.
Peter Diamandis
Founder, XPRIZE
Tech Advisor
XPRIZE leads the world in large-scale incentive competitions. Peter also founded Singularity University, an institution that teaches executives about exponential technologies.
Rick Dudley
Founder, Vulcanize
Blockchain Advisor
Rick has over 16 years of experience as a consultant. He specializes in decentralized peer to peer cryptosystems and smart contracts. He has worked on projects including RChain and OmegaOne.