Universal Investor Identity

Passport is a portable identity for accredited investors that can be used across platforms. Accredit once, invest everywhere.
Easily share your accreditation status and identity details with anyone.
Control your data and easily see who you have shared it with. Remove access on your terms.
SOC II certification, bank-level security practices and continuous monitoring.
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There's no comparison

The old way

The Parallel way

Paper, faxes, email
One-click sharing
Individually update everywhere you invest
Update once, push everywhere
Long wait time
Reviewed within one business day
Unclear what to share
Know that the right information is shared
Unknown security practices
Bank-level security
What's Web3?
Web3 native
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Free Accreditation Verification

Our highly optimized flow ensures you only have to answer questions specific to you or your business. Our specialized decision trees are streamlined to save you time and reduce confusion.


Our accreditation flow is quick and easy; most people complete within a few minutes!


Our US-based team will review your submission within a single business day.
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Focus on your investments, not your identity.