Select Partners


OurCrowd is a leading equity crowdfunding platform for investing in global startups that allows individual investors to participate alongside institutional co-investors.

Alumni Ventures Group

AVG is a venture capital firm designed from scratch to meet the needs of the individual accredited investor. AVG provides smart, simple venture portfolios with community.


Percent is the leading digital securitization and investment platform for private credit.


Goldfinch is a decentralized credit protocol for crypto loans without collateral.


AppFolio provides cloud-based solutions for the real estate industry.


Allocations empowers emerging fund managers to easily raise capital.


SyndicationPro is an innovative Real Estate Syndication Software with a robust investor platform.

Eniac Ventures

Eniac leads seed rounds in bold founders who use code to create transformational companies.


Equi is unlocking access to top performing alternative investments, so people can achieve financial independence.

Passive Investing builds smart investments on decades of business, financial, and real estate experience

Ashcroft Capital

Ashcroft has a focus on high-quality apartment communities in revenue generating markets.

Fund That Flip

Market-leading loans + first-class service for fix-and-flip, new construction, and rental properties.


iintoo provides access to premium real estate investments.


Blockstack is a decentralized computing platform that puts users in control of their data and identity.